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If you have a keen interest in working with animals, but don't know where to start, the articles on this website will help you. Likewise CareerWith Animals can point you in the right direction if you already have experience but are unsure of how to progress with your chosen career.
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A Day in the Life of
A Day in the Life of: A Day in the Life of a Fly-fishing Instructor, A...
Animal Equipment
Animal Equipment: Work in the Equestrian Supplies Business, Making Animal Housing For a...
Animal Health
Animal Health: Become an Equine Veterinary Nurse, Set Up a Dog Grooming Service,...
Animal Therapy
Animal Therapy: What Does a Canine Behaviourist Do, What Does a Horse Whisperer Do?,...
Animals on the Move
Animals on the Move: Work as a Flying Groom, Work with Animals in...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: How do I Start a Career at the Airport?, What's the Best Way to...
Breeding Animals
Breeding Animals: Working in an Abattoir?, Careers in Animal Genetics, Work in the Food...
Caring For Animals
Caring For Animals: Work With Horses: Becoming a Stablehand, Exmoor Ponies in Co...
Pet Services
Pet Services: Pet Cemeteries: Who Runs Them and Why?, Pet Friendly Holiday...
Training Animals
Training Animals: Teach Dog Obedience Classes or Courses, Get Involved in Schooling...
Working Animals
Working Animals: Sniffer & Police Dogs at Work, Working Horses on Duty, The...
Latest Comments
  • Timeless
    Re: What You Need to Become a Vet
    Hi I’m in year 9 I’ve just started GCSE. And recently I’ve just realised what I want to do and that is becoming a vet. The thing…
    16 April 2019
  • layla
    Re: What You Need to Become a Vet
    hello im in year 8 and im picking my options for gcse in just under a year and i want to be a vet but im scared about putting…
    10 April 2019
  • Jessicat
    Re: What You Need to Become a Vet
    Hi I’m Jess and I am in year 9 i need some advice because next week I am starting my options and I really want to be a vet when…
    4 February 2019
  • Mal
    Re: Work as a Flying Groom
    Where can I apply for flying groom jobs. I have experienced flying with horses and the right qualifications. Thanks :-)
    25 January 2019
  • Issy
    Re: What You Need to Become a Vet
    Hi I'm in year 9 and am about to pick my options. I'm not sure what to pick because I definitely want to take triple science but…
    4 December 2018
  • Charmaine1x
    Re: General Work Experience with Animals
    Hi my name is Charmaine, I am 14 and I am looking for work experience with animals as I am in year 10 and I would really…
    21 November 2018
  • tom
    Re: General Work Experience with Animals
    i am 14 looking for work experience with dogs. I have a pation for working with dogs in general. I am bassed in wakefield
    14 November 2018
  • dogbone
    Re: Run your own Animal Shelter
    Hello ro, In Wales kennels meet problems with dog waste. Inspectors seem to want septic tanks or dogg mess collected in skips. This…
    11 November 2018
  • dogbone
    Re: Run your own Animal Shelter
    I wanted to breed and rescue Labradors when we moved into a smallholding. For various reasons our relationship failed and she left…
    27 October 2018
  • Matt Marshall
    Re: What You Need to Become a Vet
    Hi, I’m a pilot I’m the raf....What should I do, to get my veterinary degree?
    22 September 2018
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